--- Show time in Spain : 13th & 14th May 2006 ---

Last week end, Olivier & I went for a show in Vitoria. We actually had 3 shows : 2 indoor. In the new shopping center of Vittoria, perfect floor, a bit too smooth actually, many people over 3 floors ! Incredible atmosphere - For both of us, one of the best experience about presenting freestyle. Spanish people made it great : caliente.

3rd show was in the very center of the city. In Spain, it is a square place, floor is not so perfect, but hundreds of people joined for the show, coming from 5 different cities for this meeting. After this skate experience, we all together went in a restaurant to celebrate the joy we have to skate & meet different culture. Very nice time. Gracias por todo, Gracias a todos. Un beso.

PS : more pictures are coming from Spain - this is a first gallery only : check this page later



more pictures of the shows coming from Spain soon