Twincam Bearings

This is a special news about my bearings partner Twincam . This partnership is successful for many freestyle skaters over the world : 2 from UK, 2 from France, 2 from Italy, 2 from Russia and 1 from Korea. Twincam has developped special bearings for slalom and provides lots of bearings to each skater, so they can train safe all year long. They also invested further money for communication onto skaters such as Tshirts & Travel Bags.

Recently this brand is even investing more money on freestyle sports, by inviting some members of its team to freestyle competition in Barcelona. Actually by funding the skaters, they give them the chance to take part : Naomi GRIGG, as well as the young korean champion Dajin YU. Katja DIKUSHINA will be sponsored for this trip as well. This kind of promotion is really usefull. Therefore I am glad about this brand, not for myself, but for these freestyle skaters invited & the other competitors who will find more opponents.

Some of the team members :