Twister Frame 245mm

May 2006


Many people are wondering about equipment. So here some informations & pictures about the latest equipment I received / won recently :
* Skates : Twister 2006
The final model is about the same than the prototype , but the frame is fixed by the outside of the shell. It makes the frame easyer to be screwed and unscrewed. (picture4)
*Frame : 245mm Hot Road
This frame is the sister of the 250mm - different color & different size. Same resistance - same new axes - so far so good. No bridges in between the 2 plates of the frame, but there is no flexibility. So it looks strong.
*Wheels : new Hyper Freedom TechGrip
I am not sure about their name, because they are not printed. It is the Hyper Freedom TechGrip, with the core of the Hyper Freedom Concrete. Very interesting mix, with the best of each wheel.