- Skaters on line -


Every year is taking place the International Marathon of Marrakech. No freestyle show took place for 2006, as speed skating seems to remain the only concern of the organizers. Meanwhile the skaters there are slaloming & jumping.

Local skaters have great difficulties to skate. Police does not let them do, their skate can be taken by the police. The skaters can not get skate over there - they need to receive skate from Europe. If you have spare skates / old skates, whatever the size, the Moroccan will use these and enjoy ! And they will progress faster :) Feel free to contact these skaters on line.

They recently started to set blogs, about skating as well as their lives. (not so easy as they do not have their own camera). Here are some pictures from 3 blogs, some have been edited by which reported about the race recently. These skaters also made a small slalom video available on

Said's blog - Akram's blog - Another blog