Moscou - RUSSIA

18-19-20-21-22 February 2005


Rollerclub used to send Russian skaters on international competitions ; in 2005 it has organised the 1rst IFSA competition in Russia. The sport level was very high, many skaters took part, even skaters from Siberia. On a sport point of vue, very good news for me :
- 1rst Freestyle Slalom Men => qualified for the IFSA championship
- 4th Speed Slalom Men => qualified for the IFSA championship

Being in Moscou is about skating, but also discovering the city and the people. The buildings, the metro, the places, the ice-ring .... it does really worth spending many days discovering : I wish I had more time. Russian people have been so nice and helpfull : I wish I'll be back there.

The competition was very difficult : check the videos link . Other pictures are available here.