Marrakech - MOROCO

14-15-16 January 2005


Every year is taking place the International Marathon of Marrakech. This year it will also propose a speedskating unofficial race. Every year, freestyle skaters are invited to make the show for this international public.

5th time, I m going to Morocco for slalom show : the roads are great, perfect floor, the sun is nice in January ... but the population and police are not so used to meet skaters.

Morocain skaters have much trouble to practise their sport and passion : it is forbidden to skate in Marrakech. Police does stop the local skaters and take their skate. Only tourists skaters are safe ...
Skates are very expensive for Morocain skaters : many don't have skates, or don't have anymore skates, others are skating on 2 wheels because they are lacking wheels, bearings, skates ... everything but passion