3-4-5-6-7 March 2005


Agressiv skating scene is getting organised on an international level. I took part to this creation as an actor of international skating development. Many skaters from all the world took part (Europe, Africa, South America, North America and Russia). All joining to create an international association of stunt skaters : president Arlo Eisenberg has been elected.

It was the first time I went in California. I took some time to visit Venice beach : it represents for me the myth of inline skating. The very birth of our inline sports. Dance on Venice is such a myth, I wish I had more time there ... People there, are all but stressed up, life seems so easy, people so young and peacefull. ( former slalom in Venice).
After the meeting we had an evening in one of the major agressive skating place : Woodward California.

It s been also a great opportunity to skate with vert skaters, stunt skaters and even present them what freestyle is about :)
I came with a pro-rider from France : Nicolas Mougin. I met Fabiola Da Silva and Marco from Brazil, Arlo Eisenberg from USA ...
But also Kathie Fry & Jonathan from California.

Best Wishes to stunt skating development,