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Story Board 2008 :


Create - new Hyper wheel 2008

7th December

MasterClass - Madrid - Spain

21st November

Show - Dusseldorf - Germany

24th-26th October

ILA meeting - Rollerblade - Venise - Italy

22th October

Show in Switzerland for Alfa Romeo

20th-21st September

World Cup in Barcelona - Spain

4th September

Exposition Paris Capitale du Roller

25th -1st August

World Championship in Moscow - Russia

12th -13th July

World Cup in Nice - France

5th -6th July

World Cup in Milano - Italy

26th -29th June

Twincam Slalom Show in Shanghai - China

21st -22nd June

French Championship 2008 in Roscoff - 6th title of French Champion Freestyle Slalom

14th-15th June

Rollerblade Headquater - Italy - 2009 New Collection Presentation

7th-9th June

2 slalom shows in Barcelona : Women Jail & MontJuic Fiesta

30th May - 1st June

World Cup in Bruxelles - Official competition & meeting local skaters on Bruxelles spots

25th May

Slalom Contest - Marseille

23rd May

Youth TV programm - presentation & promotion of Freestyle slalom by VinZ

17th May

Regional Competition - St Medard

12th April

Slalom Show in Nimes - France - Olivier Herrero Christophe Flinois Clochette Skali

14th March

Twister III - 2008 edition - Rollerblade

29th February

IFSA judge course in Montpellier - France


Story Board 2007 :

5th-10th December

Renault & Rollerblade : Freestyle shows for the Motorshow of Bologna

21st November

TV date : Skating, Teaching, Speaking with a young skater. Video in January

29th September

WIC Berlin Speed Skating & Rollerblade Freestyle slalom show

15th September

Rollerblade Freestyle slalom show among speed skating competition FIC

31stAug - 2nd Sept

World Championship Finales : Milano


Barcelona Twincam : video our show in Spain, made by CoinProd

26th July-5th Aug

World Championship Freestyle : 3rd competition : Moscow, Russia + Holidays

21st-22nd July

Show in Spain : Bilbao

13th-14th-15th July

World Championship Freestyle : 2nd competition : Bordeaux, France

31st June - 1st July

World Championship Freestyle : 1st competition : Barcelona, Spain

23rd-24th June

French Championship 2007 in Lille, France

18th-21 May

Shows in Spain : Barcelona

15th May

Some Tricks on Videos

26th April

Local show in Lens : slalom & Jump

11th April

Sunday in Paris & Pictures by Dim : Invalides slalom

9th March

TV Show in France - Choc l'emission (entertainement programm)

18th February

Pictures by Alex (Serial Riders) : slides

ry Board 2006 :

8th-11th December

Slalom performance for a main show taking place in France

1st December

Some Slalom videos available on YouTube : click & watch

15th November

Hyper +Grip Family : new wheel

15th-23rd October

IMTV Profile including 7 new little videos in Taiwan

15th-23rd October

Video "Taipei 2006" available for download (14Mo) or on YouTube

15th-23rd October

Trip to Taipei : Shows, Videos, TV + Teaching IFSA Judge Course

16th-17th September

Load & see the video (high quality 69Mo - low quality 23 Mo - streaming )

16th-17th September

Back in Spain for a show in Santander

25th-27th August

Finales of the IFSA Championship & Cup in Spain

15th August

Working with Twincam about inviting skaters to competition (Barcelona)

22nd&23rd July

IFSA Competition in London

16th&17th July

ISPO München : Slalom shows & Skate samples

24th June

Freestyle Skating in Toulouse - France by RoulezRose

17th - 18th June

Freestyle Skating in Bilbao - Spain by Zona Verde, with Naomi & Olivier

10th - 11th June

IFSA competition in Dijon & French Championship :
French Champion 2006 of Freestyle Slalom

25th May

Load & see the Video of the show - Exibicion en Espana

20th May

New Frame & New Wheels

13th -14th May

Slalom Shows in Vitoria - Spain

4th May

Learn Slalom Tricks on line - Follow the tutorial of the Footgun

30th -31st April

Meeting skaters from Koln in Paris - check their happy video

8th - 9th April

Local competition near Paris - Quad skaters joined

25th March

New pictures of Slalom - Trocadero, Paris

22nd February -
2nd March

IFSA Competition in Moscow + Meeting Russian Skaters

15th February

Morrocan Skaters on line

5th January

New pictures of jump thanks to DIM, Yeboy & Magnum

ry Board 2005 :

12th December

Video CFRS : Hangzhou CHINA : video made by CFRS club

19th November

Avignon FRANCE : demo of break dance, slalom, dunk

11th-12th November

St Jean de Liversay, FRANCE : judging a freestyle contest

October 2005

Twister 2006 : test of prototype

25th September

Show for the French Federation Roller Skating

19th September

Video : " Trip To China "
made thanks to Kalou & RollerFR

2nd - 3rd - 4th September

Saint Medard en Jalles FRANCE
IFSA Competition + IFSA Cup
French Federation Roller Skating

Former Video 2003
(31st August 2005)

Programm Big Dil
: High Jump & Water Jump

13th-14th August

Shanghai CHINA
IFSA Competition + French Championship Freestyle Skating [videos]
Chinese Roller Skating Association

25th-26th June

IFSA Competition + French Championship Freestyle Skating [videos]
French Federation Roller Skating

18th-19th June

IFSA Competition + Meeting European Skaters [videos]
Skate London

11th-12th June

Barcelona ESPANA
IFSA Competition + Meeting European Skaters
Associacion Patinar Barcelona

21st-22th May

Skating in Spain with Christophe (FR) , Naomi & Max (UK), and Spanish skaters

7th-8th-9th May

Vittoria ESPANA
Skate trip for slalom shows, freestyle introduction and Spanish life style


Invalides FRANCE
Let's present what are the Wheelings about

19th April

A local show of slalom with some of my skaters friends

27th March -
4th April

Shanghai CHINA
Skating with Chinese Freestyle Skaters & Running a Judge Course of 120 trainees (coming soon)

3rd-7th March

Skating on Venice Beach
and birth of the International Inline Stunt Federation
Los Angeles - California - USA _________________(new pictures 12/03/05)


Disney Channel
Programm " Zapping Zone "
6 minutes

20th-21st February

IFSA competition + meeting the Russian team of slalom.
Moscou . RUSSIA
_____________________________(new pictures 12/03/05)


Programm " C'est pas trop tot "
10 + 10 minutes

13th-16th January

North Africa
Slalom Show for marathon competition + skating with Morocains.
Marrakech . MOROCCO

12th January

New pictures, including pictures from RollerBlade Team Photo Session

2004 Updates :

24th December update picture
7th December update video : more pictures in Singapore
8th September updates links : teamrollerblade.com
23rd August 2004 update results 2004 : 1rst Freestyle Slalom - IFSA Cup 2004
23rd August 2004 update results 2004 : 1rst Freestyle Slalom - Lausanne 2004
17th August 2004 update results 2004 : 3rd Freestyle Slalom - IFSA Championship 2004
22nd July 2004 update video & update pictures
19th July 2004 update results 2004 : 1rst Freestyle Slalom - French Championship Marseille
14th June 2004 update results 2004 : 3rd Freestyle Slalom - Roller Cup Monza
3rd June 2004 interview on www.patinar-bcn.com
20th May 2004 update video : advertising video on a flash website